I’m Nelson Pahl, a narrative psychologist that specializes in pet loss grief. In fact, I’m one of the world’s leading experts on the topic.

I counsel. I research. I educate.

And while my private practice is located in KCMO, I help clients the world-over.


My background includes a six-year stint in the United States Freestyle Team system, as well as an 18-year career as a respected writer, author, and editor.

Academically, my undergraduate studies included concentrations in psychology and creative writing (UCSD). I earned my MBA Certificate from Tulane. And, I’m currently finishing up my Ph.D. in narrative psychology at a renowned UK research institute.


– I’m originally from the Twin Cities of Minneapolis/Saint Paul.

– I’m a pet parent to a pair of precious pups: Moose, a puggle (16); and Izzie, a miniature husky mix (15). I’m also a pet step-parent to Mazie, a Cairn Terrier mix, and cats Ash, Zoe, and Simba.

– I love the Minnesota Wild.

– There’s no where I’d rather be than on a kayak in the mountains.

– I call KC’s yoga queen my beloved.

– And I operate both Nelson Pahl Counseling and Wiley Rogue Publishing with my oldest and dearest friend, Shellie.

With Emily Darling


Needless to say, if you’ve been enduring intense grief over the loss of a companion animal, any companion animal…

And you’re looking to resolve that grief…

You’ve arrived at the right place. 😉

Until next time…