I’m Nelson Pahl, a narrative psychologist that specializes in pet loss grief. In fact, I’m one of the world’s leading experts on the subject.

I counsel. I research. I educate.

My private practice is located in the eclectic KCMO neighborhood of Waldo. Yet, I see clients the world-over, via virtual means.


My background includes a six-year stint in the United States Freestyle Team system, as well as an 18-year career as a respected writer, author, and editor.

Academically, my undergraduate studies included concentrations in psychology and creative writing (UCSD). I earned my MBA Certificate from Tulane. And, I’m currently finishing up my Ph.D. in narrative psychology at a renowned UK research institute.


– I’m originally from the Twin Cities of Minneapolis/Saint Paul.

– I’m a pet parent to a pair of precious pups: Moose, a puggle (16); and Izzie, a miniature husky mix (15). I’m also a pet step-parent to Mazie, a Cairn Terrier mix, and cats Ash and Zoe.

– I love the Minnesota Wild.

– There’s no where I’d rather be than on a kayak in the mountains.

– I call KC’s yoga queen my beloved.

– And I operate Nelson Pahl Counseling with my oldest and dearest friend, Shellie.

With Emily Darling


Needless to say, if you’ve been enduring intense grief over the loss of a companion animal, any companion animal…

And you’re looking to resolve that grief…

I’m probably your guy. 😉

Until we meet…