Continuing bond expression is an important tool for processing and "completing" death-grief. But what are continuing bonds? In this email reply, I answer that question.

If you feel as though you're "suffering in silence," you might be enduring disenfranchised grief. In this blog post, I explain what it is you're experiencing.

Narrative and Expressive Arts provide some great exercises for healing death-grief. In today's post, I'm going to detail one of those: Poetry of Loss.

Today, I’ll explain another cool, entry-level DIY experiential exercise for death-grief: The Personal Pilgrimage. While it may sting a bit, I encourage you to "lean into it."

In today's post, Part #1 of a 3-part series, I'm going to introduce you to a great little DIY exercise called The Memory Box. If done correctly, it can aid in the processing of your grief.

In this final post of the "What You Must Know About Grief" series, I discuss four ways in which grief can ruin your physical health and why it's best you address yours.