In this piece, the sixth post in the "What You Must Know About Grief" series, we identify the 6 Primary Responses to Grief and explain how they may affect your experience.

Elisabeth Kubler Ross's theory, "The 5 Stages of Grief," has largely been accepted as social norm. Yet, are "the 5 stages" an accurate portrayal of our typical grief processing?

You've undoubtedly heard it again and again: "Time heals all wounds." And nowhere is this notion applied more readily with grief. But does time really heal grief?

Sometimes, when we're trying to express our grief to a friend or colleague, we come across a deaf ear; there's just awkward silence or a quick change of subject. But why?

Although we often try to intellectualize our grief, to rationalize our way through it, grief is, in fact, an emotional experience that must be healed in the heart.

Much of the talk therapy addressing grief does so from an intellectual perspective. This approach takes the viewpoint that grief can be rationalized away. But can it?