Grief is Not Intellectual

What You Must Know About Grief Series: Part #1

From the onset here, I want you to understand a basic tenet of grief:

We’re ill-prepared to deal with loss.

What do I mean by this statement?

Well, what I mean is…

We’re never really taught how to grieve.

Instead, those around us simply offer faulty bromides.

We’re not assigning blame to them; they don’t know any better, as they, themselves, have never been taught how to properly grieve.

But, while we’re incessantly taught how to acquire things in life—money, jobs, degrees, mates, etc.—

We’re never actually taught what to do when we lose things.

  • Not in school.
  • Not in the workplace.
  • Not at the dinner table.
  • Not in a weekend seminar.

And when you acknowledge this fact…
When you understand all that you’re being told is defective…
That it’s all tired & flawed…
You open yourself to real healing. 🙂
With this in mind…
Here are seven things you MUST know about grief and grieving.

7 Things You MUST Know About Grief


1.) Grief is not an
intellectual experience.

It’s an emotional experience.
You can intellectualize it all you want, but real grief healing only begins…
When you accept it as a matter of heart and not a matter of mind.
With that said…

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