It Might Not Be You

What You Must Know About Grief Series: Part #3

Sometimes it’s not you but them.

You know you have to take responsibility for your own stuff. That’s why you’re here, really. You’re in search of solutions and healing.
But sometimes, it just isn’t on you.
It’s that friend or family member’s issue.
You know how it goes: You’re opening up to a friend about your loss and pain, thinking, This is really healing…then BAM! She darts to another subject and closes the door on all that release!
Or, just as bad, the same friend doesn’t dart to another subject but instead says, “I know how you feel,” then proceeds to tell you all about her loss and pain…
Leaving you to merely stuff all that you were about to share.
Unfortunately, both the aforementioned scenarios are common with grief.
But we must remember, we’re never at fault for wanting to talk about our feelings in the wake of loss—for wanting to “sort through” those feelings out loud, in the company of a confidant.
Again, it’s not you in this case; it’s them.

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