Are You Grieving a Beloved Companion Animal?

Mourning a Pet in Today’s World is Tough!

Perhaps you feel silly.

Or shamed.

Or bizarre. Or weak.

Or maybe you just hurt.

Really, really bad.

Truth be told, grieving a pet is serious stuff.

The Research on Pet Loss

In fact, research finds that pet loss can be even more intense than human death-grief.

Research also finds that pet loss is largely misunderstood and devalued

And is actually relegated to the realm of disenfranchised grief.

Meaning, society, as a whole, often dismisses pet loss as something less than legitimate grief.

Yet, study…after study…after study…after study

Finds that unresolved pet loss can result in a myriad of issues, like:

  • Fatigue, insomnia, unhealthy weight loss, joint pain
  • Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy (“broken heart syndrome”)
  • Long-term anxiety, depression, and even anger issues
  • Neuroticism
  • Complicated grief
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)


I Understand Your Pet Loss Pain

I know for me, personally, pet loss is always a devastating endeavor.

I’ve lost a father. I’ve lost several cousins. I’ve lost a close friend. I’ve lost a lover. I’ve lost a mentor. I’ve lost all my grandparents, half a dozen aunts, and five uncles…

I’ve lost games…I’ve lost competitions…I’ve lost sporting titles…

I’ve lost money…heirlooms…keepsakes…

Hell, I’ve even lost my dignity on occasion.

Yet nothing has ever hurt like the loss of my beloved pups…

“Piggy” and Moose.


In fact, years and years ago—when I didn’t yet know what I now know as a grief therapist and narrative psychologist—I, literally, broke down from exhaustion following one of these losses.

And it was a looong road back to optimal health.


My Salvation

Yet, after meeting a unique adviser & healer…

Someone I’m convinced Mother Universe placed before me not just to help me heal but to also propel me toward my life purpose…

I eventually found my way.

And in the process, I discovered certain truths about grief—

Truths that run contrary to popular notions and traditional counseling.

Startling truths.

Confounding truths.

Powerful truths.

Along with a warm and beautiful approach to recovery that included a variety of enchanting tactics…

Which rendered me, once again, whole and inspired.

With these truths and tactics in-hand…

I now help people just like you…

Heal and “complete” their pet loss.

An Invitation

Thus, if you’d like to kick-start your recovery…

In earnest…

I invite you to enroll in my free 4-day healing course, Good Grief.

You can do so via the enrollment form below.

Until next time…

Start Healing Your Grief Today!

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Let me show you how to…

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About the author: My name’s Nelson Pahl. I’m a narrative psychologist. By way of counseling, courses, books, workshops, and retreats, I help people just like you resolve pet loss. Professionally, I’m an active member of the Narrative Therapy Initiative and the Association for Death Education and Counseling. As a researcher, I contribute original papers to both the field of narrative psychology and the realm of death-grief. Prior to my Ph.D. studies, I enjoyed an 18-year career as a respected writer and editor.