Healing Pet Loss Grief

Perhaps you feel silly.

Or shamed.

Or bizarre. Or weak.

Or maybe you just hurt.

Really, really bad.

Truth be told, your pet loss grief is serious stuff.

The Research on Pet Loss Grief

In fact, research finds that pet loss grief can be even more intense than human death-grief.

Research also finds that pet loss grief is largely misunderstood and, more importantly, devalued

And that it’s typically treated as disenfranchised grief.

Meaning, society, as a whole, often dismisses pet loss grief as something less than legitimate grief.

Yet, study…after study…after study…after study

Finds that unresolved pet loss grief can result in a myriad of physical and mental issues, like:

  • Fatigue, insomnia, unhealthy weight loss, and joint pain
  • Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy (“broken heart syndrome”)
  • Long-term anxiety, depression, and even anger issues
  • Neuroticism
  • Complicated grief
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)


I Understand Your Pet Loss Pain

I know for me, personally, pet loss was a devastating endeavor.

I’ve lost a father. I’ve lost several cousins. I’ve lost a close friend.

I’ve lost a lover. I’ve lost all my grandparents, half a dozen aunts, and five uncles…

I’ve lost games…I’ve lost competitions…I’ve lost sporting titles…

I’ve lost money…heirlooms…keepsakes…

I’ve even lost my dignity on occasion.

Yet nothing has ever hurt like the loss of my beloved pup, “Piggy.”

[You can hear this story at the 4:23 mark of this podcast episode]


So much so, I broke down from exhaustion not long after her death.

If only I’d known back then what I know now, huh? 😉

Which leads me to this point:

If you’re suffering from intense pet loss grief…

You want to resolve that grief, ideally via professional help.

  • Don’t suffer in silence.
  • Don’t pretend to have the answers.
  • Don’t accept that it’s “no big deal.”
  • Don’t allow it to fester and grow toxic.

Pet loss grief is a serious issue.

And if you’re the empathetic and compassionate type…

It’s going to be even more overwhelming.

But I can help.

Option #1: Therapy

Through a unique mix of narrative and expressive arts exercises, I’ll help you alleviate issues like:

  • Anger
  • Regret
  • Guilt
  • Shame
  • Confusion

⇒ I help you bridge the void.

⇒ I help you ease the torment.

⇒ I’ll help you mend the heartache.

⇒ And I’ll help you make sense of your place amid the loss…

Where you’ll find real closure.

My approach is gentle. It’s potent. It’s thorough. It’s liberating.

And if you truly wish to resolve your pet loss grief, once and for all…

It might be precisely what you need.

Included in each “healing sequence”:

  • 45-minute video chat session
  • Detail session notes
  • Full exercise recap
  • “Bridge” healing assignment (email)
  • Email, text, Telegram support

And it doesn’t matter where on earth you currently live. All sessions are virtual, accessed through a simple email link. Nothing to download. Just click the email link, and we’re face to face via the cutting-edge TheraPlatform system.

You can book a healing sequence here.


Option #2: eCourses

If you don’t feel like you’re quite ready to sit with a professional…

I also offer several therapeutic-grade DIY solutions:

The Narrative Way

If you’d like to go all in on your DIY healing, there’s The Narrative Way. A powerful 8-course bundle, The Narrative Way provides for deep, restorative healing, using the same techniques and sequencing I employ during in-office and virtual counseling sessions. A fantastic way to achieve therapeutic-grade healing in a DIY manner.

Get The Narrative Way here.

Making Sense of Your Loss

If you’d like to go “most of the way in,” there’s the Making Sense of Your Loss suite. This 5-course bundle helps you make sense of your loss, as well as your place amid it. A powerful, no-nonsense, therapeutic-grade DIY option.

Learn more about this course here.


Individual Courses

Or, if you’d just like a place to start—to take a bite-size approach to your healing—each of the eight interactive healing courses that comprise the two aforementioned “bundles” is also sold alone.

You can check out my Course Hub here.

(Note: Meaning Reconstruction is always the best place to start.)

Option #3: Articles & Podcasts

Truth be told, you’re not going to actually heal your pet loss grief via articles and/or podcasts; grief necessitates a professional approach.

But you can learn more about the issue, and perhaps find some comfort in the message.

Some articles:

Some podcast episodes:

Regardless of which avenue you take…

I wish you the very best in your healing endeavors. 🙂

Take care.