pet loss counseling

Why this workshop?

Through a unique mix of narrative & expressive arts tactics, as well as memory reconsolidation exercises for any traumatic triggering, this workshop will help you “complete” your grief, in just 3 days.

It’ll help you diminish…

♦ Anger
♦ Regret
♦ Shame
♦ Guilt
♦ Fear
♦ Loneliness
♦ Irritation

I’ll help you find…

♦ Clarity
♦ Acceptance
♦ Solace
♦ Normalcy

It’ll help you…

♦ Bridge the void
♦ Dissolve the power of trauma points (if any)
♦ Resolve the “conflict of grief”
♦ Get beyond the faulty myths
♦ And “complete” the pain of your loss

This is therapeutic-grade grief counseling…

In an interactive workshop format.

In fact, I so believe in the power of what you and I can accomplish through this workshop that I offer a full money-back guarantee with your registration.

Meaning, if you partake in the Grief Therapy in a Box workshop…

And at the end of our time together, you don’t feel you’ve experienced significant healing…

Just request a refund, and you shall receive.

The Guarantee:

Just show us that you’ve completed each of the workshop’s exercises, and if you don’t feel you’ve experienced significant healing, ask for a refund and you shall receive.

“Beautiful [exercises]. They made me look at my grief in a whole different light. I’m so thankful for these [methods].”

– Shellie Rae, Kansas City, MO, USA

“Really unique approach to healing [grief]. Can’t say enough about the techniques and Nelson’s approach to grief.”

– Maria Murphy, Kansas City, MO, USA

“So, so, so powerful!”

– Heidi Finstad, Princeton, MN, USA

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