Poetry of Loss Exercise

Experiential Exercise Series: Post #3
Today, we’ll embark on a third entry-level DIY healing exercise.
You’ll write a poem.
But before you shout, “No way! I can’t write poetry!”…
It’s not what you think.
You’ll just try to capture a few thoughts about the deceased…
And then you’ll link those thoughts together.
That’s it. That’s all we’re doing here.
But this exercise can be powerful.
And while I, myself, have a long history of writing and editing—as my bio will tell you—
That history does not include aptitude in poetry.
So…I’m just as green as you, perhaps.
Yet, after the recent loss of my beloved puggle, Moose…
One of the warmest, most beautiful and comforting souls I’ve known…
I was able to capture our cherished morning walks together through the following free verse:
Lil’ Papi
Two steps
A pause
Wafting aroma of flowering dogwood
A butterfly
The breeze brushstrokes a nearby lawn
Four steps
Whimsical stride
Again, we’re side by side
Is where I feel whole
Thank you
– Papi
Now, it certainly isn’t going to win any poetry awards.
But it so accurately captures the essence of how I feel, to this day, about that precious time together.
And while you may be one that has little faith in the healing power of such an exercise…
I strongly encourage you to assess things AFTER you write your poem.
Give it a shot.
Until next time…

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