Workplace Meets

I offer “workplace meet” grief therapy sessions to residents in the greater KC metro.

These appointments include:

⇒ A 45-minute session
⇒ Detailed session notes
⇒ Written exercise recap
⇒ A “bridge assignment”
⇒ Emergency contact info

With this option, I come to your workplace for our sessions.

Amid your office or conference room, we’ll carry out a 45-minute therapy session that’s both private and discrete.

Advantages: You circumvent the stigma attached to therapy by “hosting” the session. You won’t be witnessed at a therapist’s office. No one will ever know you reached out for help. You don’t have to “take off work” to have your sessions. We’re in your space, on your terms. Private. Discrete. Convenient.

The neighborhoods I serve are:

♦ Armour Fields (MO)
♦ Armour Hills (MO)
♦ Briarcliff (MO)
♦ Brookside (MO)
♦ Crestwood (MO)
♦ Fairway (KS)
♦ Lake Lotawana (MO)
♦ Lake Quivira (KS)
♦ Leawood (KS)
♦ Loch Lloyd (MO)
♦ Mission Hills (KS)
♦ Overland Park (KS)
♦ Parkville (MO)
♦ Prairie Village (KS)
♦ Romanelli West (MO)
♦ Sunset Hills (MO)
♦ The Plaza (MO)
♦ Tiffany Springs (MO)
♦ Waldo (MO)
♦ Westwood (KS)

If you’re don’t work in one of these areas, my workplace meets service isn’t available to you.

◊ Cost per session: $300
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