About Me

I’m Nelson Pahl, an experiential psychologist and leading authority on disenfranchised grief, prolonged grief, anticipatory grief, and companion animal loss.

I counsel. I research. I educate.

Although I practice privately in KC, I help clients the world over.


My approach to grief steps beyond the tired, and largely failing, traditional model of adjustment “stages.”

Instead, I help clients process and “complete” their grief by way of a humanistic, client-centric, and experiential approach.


Professionally, I’ve been heavily influenced by the work of Dr. Robert A. Neimeyer, Dr. Stephan Madigan, Dr. Kenneth Doka, and attachment theory expert Dr. Lisa Firestone.

In addition to my doctorate work, I’ve studied at the famed Portland Institute for Loss & Transition (Art-Assisted Grief Therapy). I’ve also trained in memory reconsolidation (for traumatic grief) under acclaimed British psychotherapist Mark Tyrrell.

I’m an active member of the Narrative Therapy Initiative (NTI) and the Association for Death Education and Counseling (ADEC).


I serve as Executive Editor of the scholarly journal Grief (officially launching in May 2024).


My life before experiential grief counseling includes a six-year stint in the United States Freestyle Team system, as well as an 18-year career as a respected writer and editor.

Personal Tidbits

– I’m originally from the Twin Cities of Minneapolis/Saint Paul.

– I’m a lifelong pet parent.

– I love the Minnesota Wild (NHL) & Minnesota Vikings (NFL).

– There’s nowhere I’d rather be than on a hike in the mountains.

– I call KC’s yoga queen my beloved.

– I operate Nelson Pahl Healing, Wiley Rogue Audio, and City College Press with my oldest and dearest friend, Shellie Rae.

With Emily Darling


Needless to say, if you’re  suffering through disenfranchised grief, prolonged grief, or anticipatory grief…

Or you’re enduring intense pet loss…

And you’re looking to resolve that grief…

I can help.

Until next time…