Cheap Therapy

This arrived yesterday:

Hola, Nelson

OK, my question is this:

I see a lot of “cheap” therapy advertised online. I see $60 sessions on a big popular website. I see some [pay what you can] sessions on other sites.

How do you I know if any of it is any good?

And does price really matter when it comes to therapy?

Deciding to go to therapy was a big decision for me, and I just want the best experience I can get.

Thank you.

– Frugal Fernando


Frugal Fernando

Yep. And that type of therapy is known as “assembly line” therapy.

Imagine how many clients someone charging those prices needs to see just to make ends meet as a lower middle class citizen.

In order to generate just $4K take-home a month, a therapist would have to see 100 clients per month.

Or 25 per week!

Now, imagine, as a therapist, how well you’d really get to know each client.

Or, how much attention (hell, mental energy) you can offer each.

Accept it or not, counseling is taxing.

We’re not machines. We have limits.

Our empathy is precious.

Our energy is finite.

Our skills are sacred.

Now, if you work with a therapist that sees, say, just five clients a week…

And he charges, say, $200 for a healing sequence that includes three “interactions” a week…

Don’t you think that’s going to be a far superior experience for both client and therapist?

If you want to trust your brain to Walmart pricing…

And sweatshop assembly…

That’s your choice. 😉

But like most everything else in this world…

You get what you pay for.

And that might not ring any truer than in the realm of mental health.

Until next time…

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