Destination Therapy

For those living outside the KC metro area, and with both the means and the need for a more “intensive” experience, I offer destination grief therapy.

These packages include:

⇒ 45-minute sessions (3/day)
⇒ Detailed session notes
⇒ Written exercise recap

With this option, I come to you at your home or vacation spot.

Once there, together, you and I work through your grief for “a long weekend.” (Typically, a Thursday evening through the following Monday afternoon/evening.)

Advantages: You bypass the stigma associated with therapy by “hosting” the sessions. We’re in your realm, on your terms. Private. Discrete. Familiar. You also get to experience a more “intensive” approach to processing and completing your grief, working with me one-on-one four several days straight.

The regions I currently serve:

♦ Continental United States
♦ Mexico
♦ Caribbean
♦ Central America

If you’re not living in or vacationing in one of these regions, my destination grief therapy service isn’t available to you.

If you are…

The specifics:

◊ Available time slots: Thursday-Monday (max)
◊ Sessions: 3/day
◊ Fee: $2500/day
◊ Expenses: You cover flights, housing, meals.

If interested, email me here and we can set up a time to discuss things over the phone or video chat.

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