Is narrative counseling all about writing?

No. It’s about your narrative. It’s about communication. It’s about adjusting outcomes. It can involve writing, but even the most stoic individual often excels at the exercises we use. Why? Because it’s all about being heard. And we all want to be heard. All of us. It’s just human nature.

You really take only three clients per week? Why?

Yes. I really only take three clients per week. I do this because I want to help my clients heal as quickly and thoroughly as possible, and this takes attentiveness and space. If I carried, say, 15 clients a week, my healing skills and attention would become diluted, resulting in a less effective experience for each client.

Why don’t you let current clients book more than one session per week?

Because they don’t need to. In fact, you’re not really booking a “session,” per se. You’re booking a “healing experience”—and that experience consists of a 45-minute session, a homework assignment, and a “Friday Follow-up” call…each taking place during a single work week. Also, you have my email address, mobile number, and Telegram ID, in case of emergency.

Keep in mind, this is a collaboration. That’s what great counseling should be. You don’t just show up at a session, put in your time, and then disappear back into the darkness. This is a collaboration designed to help you step from the darkness.

Why $250 per session?

See above. Again, you’re not just paying for “a session.” You’re paying to get healed. In fact, at the end of our time together, my guess is you’ll wonder why I don’t charge more. 😉

Why is your specialty death-grief? Sounds kind of morbid?

On the contrary. Plain and simple, grief is love. And love is our reason for being. In fact, everything else can be explained away as part of the pointless “born to die” journey…except love. And as a die-hard romantic, I see the beauty in all grief—the power, the purpose, the passion, the poetry.

Why pet loss grief?

One, I’m a lifelong animal lover. And two, because pet loss grief can hurt just as much, or sometimes more, than losing a human loved….and that causes issues with mental wellness…and I’m a mental health professional…and…well…you get the idea.

What’s your experience with death-grief?

Well, I’ve lost a father, several cousins, five aunts, four uncles, all my grandparents, a close friend, and a lover. I’ve also lost several companion animals in my lifetime, including three of my own, and my current pups, Izzy and Moose, are now 14 and 15, respectively, so…

What are your best traits as a therapist?

From what I’ve gathered by way of friends, loved ones, and clients, my best traits as a counselor are (in no particular order)…one, empathy. I’m blessed to have inherited my mom’s ability to walk in another’s shoes. Two, intuition; I can just sense things in others—how they hurt, what they need, where they’re coming from. Three, my knowledge and skill of the techniques I use to help others heal. And four, I have been labeled, on several occasions, as “one of the world’s great listeners.” 🙂