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In this premier episode of The Pahl Paw Patch, Nelson tackles the subject of pet loss grief and its legitimacy. To do so, he entwines reason with empirical research.

Show Notes

[Main points]

  • Many of those that suffer pet loss grief experience Takotsubo cardiomyopathy, or “broken heart syndrome.”
  • Social norms suggest you’re “overreacting” and “too sensitive”
  • Contemporary culture demands that you feel shame
  • The relationship with your pet is free from demands and judgement
  • All our pet every wants is to love us
  • Truth: research finds pet loss can be more intense than human loss
  • Losing a companion animal can create a significant void in our life
  • This loss can dramatically change our routine
  • Companion animals are good for our emotional well-being
  • Studies find pet parenting actually increases self-esteem
  • Yet, research finds pet loss grief is largely devalued and disenfrachised
  • Pet loss can cause long-term anxiety, depression, and anger issues
  • Untreated pet loss grief can manifest into complicated grief and PTSD
  • Research finds that the guardian-pet dynamic mimics that of the parent-child dynamic



Sponsor: The Narrative Way
Study: Pet loss grief and “broken heart syndrome”
Explanation: What is Takotsubo cardiomyopathy?
Study: Pet ownership increases self-esteem
Recommendation: Sparky’s CBD treats
Study: Grief after pet loss often misunderstood and devalued
Study: Pet loss grief largely treated as disenfranchised grief
Study: Loss of companion animal can cause serious physical ailments
Study: Pet loss grief can result in long-term anxiety and depression
Study: Grief after pet loss may manifest into complicated grief
Study: Pet loss grief can be more intense than human death-grief
Study: Frequency of neuroticism after pet loss
Study: Why people love their pets
Study: Why pet loss grief needs far more recognition

[Memorable Quotes]

  • “The love you share with a pet is…unconditional.”
  • “It truly is a scenario of…’Till death do us part.'”



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