I offer “walk-n-talk” grief therapy sessions to residents of the greater KC metro.

These appointments include:

⇒ A 45-minute session
⇒ Detailed session notes
⇒ Written exercise recap
⇒ A “bridge assignment”
⇒ Emergency contact info

With this option, you choose the trail, park, preserve, or neighborhood we walk, and I come to you. 

Once there, you and I, for the next 45 minutes, “walk-n-talk.”

Advantages: You bypass the stigma associated with therapy by “hosting” the session. We’re in your realm, on your terms. Private. Discrete. Familiar. In fact, no one will ever know it’s a therapy session..unless you tell them. We’re just two people walking and talking together. We’ll even get in a little exercise. 😉

The neighborhoods I serve are:

♦ Armour Fields (MO)
♦ Armour Hills (MO)
♦ Briarcliff (MO)
♦ Brookside (MO)
♦ Crestwood (MO)
♦ Fairway (KS)
♦ Lake Lotawana (MO)
♦ Lake Quivira (KS)
♦ Leawood (KS)
♦ Loch Lloyd (MO)
♦ Mission Hills (KS)
♦ Overland Park (KS)
♦ Parkville (MO)
♦ Prairie Village (KS)
♦ Romanelli West (MO)
♦ Sunset Hills (MO)
♦ The Plaza (MO)
♦ Tiffany Springs (MO)
♦ Waldo (MO)
♦ Westwood (KS)

If you’re not in one of these areas, my walk-n-talk therapy service isn’t available to you.

If you are…we can walk a park, a trail, a preserve, lakeside, or even the neighborhood. Whatever you wish.

◊ Cost per session: $300
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